Justin Giorgi

Stable, reliable, efficient code.

So... welcome to my corner of the web. You probably got here from a random Google search or (if you're lucky) you met me and saw the address on my business card. At first glance you're probably not impressed. It's a simple site, not much here and nothing flashing or sliding around. Much like a mechanic may drive an unimpressive car or a carpenter may live in a simple house a developer often has a very simple web page.

I ask you to look closer. That mechanic's car may be old but it's well maintained and runs beautifully. The carpenter's home is solid, well-insulated and comfortable. This developer's site is beautiful, fast and standards-compliant. Go ahead and check my markup with W3C's XHTML validator. While you're at it check my CSS with W3C's CSS validator. Check how this page looks in mobile browsers and on tablets. How fast does it load? Anyone can make a flashy website. It takes a professional to make a site that is fast, clean, secure and bug free.

This site is what it needs to be: a simple, fast, well-made site that tells you who I am. I'm a web developer that insists on getting it right. An old-fashioned hacker that respects web standards and the need for bug-free code. Most importantly I'm for hire. If you need a website designed, programmed and hosted let me know but I warn you don't expect anything less than smooth, well-tested code.

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